Veda Patasala


The Vedas form the spiritual foundation on which our quest for the Supreme God is based upon. This we need to protect it. All great souls have worshipped their chosen deities as the very embodiment of the Vedas only. The Vedas are the very manifestation of God and Dharma.

V.P.S.R.I.M. Trust has been formed, with the gracious blessings of their holiness, the Sankaracharyas of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham and Sri Sringeri Sarada Peetham, for the preservation and propagation of the existing shakhas.

V.P.S.R.I.M. Krishna Yajurveda Patashala is engaged in conducting  patashala activities in a place owned by them for the past 2 years. The Veda Patashala is run on a Gurukul pattern at Valeeswaram village, west Peruvamba in Palakkad district of Kerala. To begin with Krishna Yajur Veda is being taught in the Patashala.

The entire Samhitha, Brahmana and Aranyaka portions of the same along with Poorva-Apara Prayoga (rituals) are taught to the Vidyarthees of the Patashala. In addition to this, the vidyartees are educated in English, Sanskrit and Malayalam languages along with Mathematics and computers, by highly qualified tutors at the gurukul itself.

The Patashala is providing FREE accommodation, Food, Clothing and study materials for the students during their entire course which normally will be 6 years. The students are assessed every six months by both oral and written exams.

The Annual cost of maintaining the Patashala is Rs. 6 lacs.

 The Estimated Outgoings  to manage the patashala is:-
Adhyapak (Teacher) Salary Rs. 12,000/-
Cook Rs. 6,000/-
Servant Rs. 4,000/-
Food Expenses for Inmates Rs. 15,000/-
Administrative Expenses Rs. 3,000/-
School students van fees Rs. 2,000/-
Goshala Maintenance Rs. 6,000/-


Rs. 48,000/-

The construction work of the Patashala has been held up due to paucity of funds. It is possible to complete the project in time if the Donors show their magnanimity and donate liberally for this noble cause.


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