Our scriptures identify the cow as the ‘Mother’ of all civilization, its milk nurturing the population ( Go – Mata). The gift of a cow is applauded as the highest kind of gift     ( Go – dhan).

The milk of a cow is believed to promote “purifying” qualities. The ghee (clarified butter) from the milk of a cow is used in all religious and social ceremonies and in preparing religious food.
Cow dung is used as fertilizer, as a fuel and as a disinfectant in homes. Modern science acknowledges the fact  that  the smoke from cow dung is a powerful disinfectant and an anti-pollutant. Its urine is also used for religious rituals as well as medicinal purposes. In fact a good amount of research has been done on the medicinal properties of cow urine. The supreme purificatory material, panchagavyam, is a mixture of five products of the cow, namely milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung. There is nothing that is more sacred or sanctifying than cows. These kind animals serves mankind in many forms and ways right from its birth till its end.

The main purpose of V.P.S.R.I.M Trust Goshala is to help  and take care of the villager’s cows free of cost, and help farmers in increasing agricultural productivity using Cow based products and to avoid the pesticides and fertilizers, which cause widespread ecological damage and negative human health effects.

  • We run the Goshala on a no-profit basis. We urge people to come forward and donate towards this noble cause.

  • We also accept Go Daan (Donation in form of Cow). People who want to donate a cow can contact us via Letter, Phone or Email.

  • We also accept donations for other services like Sponsoring the Cow Fodder, Medicines, etc. One can also contribute towards this cause.



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